To blog or not to blog?

I love writing.
I love all types of conversations, no matter how silly or mind-stimulating these can be.
I love photography.
I love music.
Fashion gets me going.
Recently, I’ve been into cooking and designing.

People I know would always wonder and ask me howcome I never really blog. Honestly? I just don’t think I’m the “bloggy” type, if you know what I mean. But recently, I’ve actually been thinking of eventually starting one. Drum roll please?

So I was doing some sort of self-examination, since blogging in itself, I believe, is some sort of commitment. I’m not a man but I’ll have to say commitments scare me! Not to be sexist though, haha. So there I was.. weighing my options of whether to blog or not to blog. Or what exactly to blog about. Because I’m into so many things, I wonder should I just concentrate on one thing or do I just chuck everything into this same blog?

Anyway, so far here are the pros and cons I’ve come up with:

1. It would be fun to share a bit of myself to the world, and converse with people who enjoy the same things I do enjoy.
2. Perfect place to rant just when you have to.
3. Meet and talk to new people from all parts of the world!
4. Learn from people’s insights and opinions.
5. Expand my network.

1. HARD TO MAINTAIN!!! Because blogging means regular updates, this kind of scares me because I might not be able to supply regular updates. And what could be worse than non-updated blogs right?
2. TIME CONSUMING. Do you agree it’s time consuming? With school and work happening at the same time, it makes me wonder whether I’ll have time for serious blogging which brings us back to the #1 con.
3. SPAMMERS! Spammers are evil. And because I’m new to blogging, I hate them and I have no idea how I’d deal with them. Haha.

Still quite undecided.

Any pro’s and con’s you’d want to add?

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Hello world!

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